Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sammy : Wanna Be A Soldier

Everyone, I think has a dream and pretend wanna be somewhat in the future. Like others kids in the world, I do have a dream too. Being a soldier is one of my favorite "i am gonna' be". Look, I like playing and act like a ninjas, and pretend to be of my favourite movie....

"Me Act Like A Ninjas"

My Grandpa was a soldier,,,, I do know him only by his picture, that my parents show me. I really like my Grandpa,,,I don't know where's the feeling comes in. At the moment I saw his pict, I think, I am alike his.

"My Beloved Grandpa"

Well... it is fun to pretend as a soldier as well. My father and me always play like a soldier or a police. We seek a bad guy and try to eliminated the threat...
What do you expect for a three years old kids to be,,,, I don't have bedwetting anymore, even I go to toilet for "puk"...That's why my parents like my progress...
Now... I am gonna be a my Grandpa..

"As A Soldier : Salute To All"

Accomplished Training Toilet Less Than A Day

You might be setting a goal to finish the toilet training less than a day so that for the days to come you will be absolved from changing diapers, will not waste anymore time to deal with resistance and rejection and also to spend more time with your child. However, this cannot be done with just one click of a remote. You have to work your way through to your child's trust and capability to cooperate with the toilet training.

First and foremost, you have to set your child's mind that in a few days both of you will go through the process of toilet training. Make him or her mentally ready for the training. It is easier this way than surprising your child by tomorrow that the potty training is going to start. This will also give your child the time to think and express what he or she thinks about toilet training the next day. Both of you will be able to communicate and this will give you an overview of how to deal with your child when the toilet training will come

After you have set your child mentally, prepare him or her physically. You can start by making him or her wear underwear or potty training pants and not diapers. Take off the diaper while talk to him or her about the benefits of the underwear or potty training pants that he or she will be wearing in the next few days. This will give your child an idea that you are really serious with the training and that he needs to learn as early as possible so that in time, he or she will not have a hard time using the toilet.

In pulling off your child's diaper, you will also arrive with an idea whether your child will cooperate or resist. It is a good sign when he or she cooperates at the start of pulling his or her diaper and changing him or her into the underwear. If your child shows eagerness then most probably the toilet training will not be as hard as you think. In addition, you may make your child pass through many times in the area where the potty is located. Show him or her the toilet and ask what he or she thinks about it. This will be very helpful because then your child's attitude will show before the toilet training will occur. You will see if your child likes the site of a toilet or not.

It is very important to prepare your child for everything you have planned so that it will not be a shock to him or her that you involved him or her in your activity. By the third day, when all is set, you will no longer have a hard time toilet training your child. Because for the past two days you have prepared your child for this, both of you will accomplish the toilet training less than a day.

Source :Liyah Cherby

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