Monday, January 25, 2010

Working Together With My Mom's

I always love when I play with my parents. Since they are very busy during working days, so we use to play on Saturday. There are more fun if both my parents playing with me all day. What should you expect as a toddler,,,, playing is my world.

Last Saturday, my Mom's got sick, so she did not go to work. I was very worry for her, she look pale and tired. My Mom asked me if I could play with her while she was at home. It very please to me because I have my Mom play with me.

"Working together with my Mom's"

Sunday in the family
by Janne Marie

Following lines are addressed to those who need a little color in the life of the couple, who want to find the festive atmosphere of the beginning, who want to escape from the routine on Sundays and want to try something else. Neuro-linguistic programming is a very interesting, saying that doing the same thing, you get the same result. Change occurs when you do something else than before. Definition of frustration is to do the same things and expect different results.

Many people complain that the husband or wife is, for years, in a certain way. These people should ask themselves what to do, so some of their behavior to be different. What can change in attitude to each? It's sort of negotiation and is recommended to start with small things that can be done without too much effort for each of the partners of the couple.

It is important to know that it existed in a couple, he and their design, which we call the relationship of the couple. An essential element of functionality that couple relationships is the life that is manifest. By this we mean a residence, home, where we are together, but what We call the framework and create psychological space for each couple as their relationship. With these elements, sometimes it is enough just to change the space and, leaving the routine, we can achieve spectacular results.

Without financial and psychological costs high, we can try over the weekend that's going or why not, and during the week, a change of environment in two, with one essential rule: every quarter of an hour spent together each of the other two to give something, a gesture, a kiss, a melon ice cream, a star, a handshake, a gesture of tenderness ... Or more, depending on how rich is each within his soul.

Do many couples are aware of the joy of being together in one weekend? To spend holidays together in an extraordinarily pleasant, without millions to spend, without drive for hours. You can choose to start the morning at 10.00 and never drink coffee at home in the kitchen. There are terraces quiet and clean, with palm trees and swings, on Sunday mornings when regular customers of these places are asleep, after reveling in the night.

He will start the morning swinging in a rocking chair could be the first step towards a day when you can float. After coffee, you can take a stroll in a little park and, guaranteed, this equates to one in the Garden of Eden. Tell are flourished, their smell is the divine right, the roses have bloomed and you can stroll hand, admirandu them. Sit on a bench, smelling Tell and taking you by the hand. You, more mature this time to renew your vows of love. You look at kids who run and remember those moments when your children were the same age, their smile, happiness, joy ... Or you can now build a future where your child to run the little park.

In gardens and parks miracles happen every Sunday. You can then pass through the market to buy strawberries, which was to enjoy the afternoon together. Then, towards evening, out of the house, no matter how housework should be, to admire the musical fountains, even an air of celebration. Or take a romantic walk. You can kiss as a teenager, when all dreams were possible. Somewhere, in a park after 22.00, all will have an unreal beauty. All is for you two. Do you think that would be a shame that so much beauty to be wasted?

Learn How to Build Self Esteem and Encourage Your Child
By Jenny Gandhi

Like a bud to a flower that blossoms to share its fragrance with the world, a child is as delicate. And the nurturing shapes his future where he would either stand tall or cow down.

Shaping a child is like shaping clay, you have to start from the beginning and work your way to the end with extreme caution but with gentle and loving hands. However unlike clay, you don't get a second chance with a child. You can put all the clay back together and start again but with a child, what is done is done. Hence it's even more caution with care.

Building a child's esteem is no small play; it makes your black hair grey, steals away years of your life and still will not look done. Hence you have to learn how to build self esteem and encourage your child from the beginning. After all parenting begins from babyhood.

Small instance could leave large impact on your child's mind. Reason why you should not overlook something that went wrong as petty. If another child pushed your kid, everyone laughed and you told your son to forget it, that's the first wrong step. Of course it's no eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth syndrome that you have to imbibe. But you have to teach your child to stand up for himself. Don't let your child crumble inside. Tell him to ask the child why is he hitting him or complain to the nearest adult he can reach.

Most of all before you preach to a child you have to be a living example. If you go around bullying people, your kids will do the same. If you are a coward yourself and do not stand up to situations, do not expect your child not to follow you. Children are like monkeys, they ape every action. From how you eat to how you handle situations.

Building self esteem begins at home. Small assertive acts make a positive impact on your child. Below are a few ways to learn how to build self esteem and encourage your child

  • Praise your child for finishing homework
  • Appreciate him for switching off the lights
  • Thank him for doing the dishes or keeping his room tidy
  • Give him a hug every time he does well in a test
  • Reward him for not procrastinating
  • Cook his favourite dish every time he keeps his word
  • Take him to the movies or the place that they like for doing well in test or for coming home in time after play.

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