Thursday, April 16, 2009


Two days ago, I have fever after preschool, it was make me so sick. I went home directly, wanna see my Mom (she was sick too,,, thypus), I love being around her while I've got sick... When she found out that I've got fever,, she was very worry and called my Dad immediately. "Sammy got sick, he has a bad fever after his pre school",,, that message from my Mom to Dad...

Mean while, I felt so tired at the time,,, and I've got sleep.... I didn't know when my Dad's arrived home. I just knew when I woke up several hours later. "My son,,, you've got very bad fever", my Dad's told me. I have to take medicine to reduce fever.. It wasn't good for me at the time,,cause I feel no good at all. Well,,, I've just a little kids,,, all I wanna do is playing all the time,,, It was true that I've got ill, but my Dad already home,,,so,,,I played with him.

The first think I felt while I was sick, I couldn't sing as usual,,, It was not good, because I wanna show my parents, a new song from pre school....

Today,,, they brought me to the hospital, to see a doctor. After wait for long queing, I saw the doctor,,,, he advised my parents to get me a blood test... Well,, I was so affraid,,,not just the hospital, even the doctors and nurses,,especially, they wanna took my blood for test.... Struggling from the blood test process,,, I fell free at last, because I can go home finally. The doctor said that I've got LARYNGITIS,,, I should take the medicine and have enough rest... there are many possibilities causing laryngitis,,,,

Laryngitis Causes

Laryngitis is usually caused by a virus or occurs in people who overuse their voice. Occasionally, you may develop laryngitis from bacterial infections and, rarely, from infections such as tuberculosis, syphilis, or a fungal infection. People with prolonged laryngitis should see their doctor to be checked for tumors, some of which may be cancerous. Smokers are especially at risk for cancer.

Laryngitis Symptoms

  • The most common symptoms of laryngitis
    • Hoarseness
    • Feeling a tickle in your throat
    • The urge to constantly clear your throat
    • Fever
    • Cough
    • Congestion
  • Many times laryngitis may develop with, or a few days after, a sore throat.

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