Saturday, April 18, 2009

Autoped,,What A Story

Several years ago,,, my Dad's had a job vacation from his work from outside country,,, At the time I haven't born yet,,, neither he knew my Mom yet... I think it took couples years later untill they actually known each other... (I've got this information of course from my Dad,,, he usualy tell me many thing,,, even I really don't know what really happened of his stories are,,).

Well,,, back to the story,,, my Dad's brought lot of gifts (that he told me,,,), one of them was autoped,,,,opps,, no,, actually two autopeds... Can you imagine what my Dad's carried at that time... his gifts for all his nephews that included two autopeds in his bagages..... What a heavy one bagages I think,,,don't you think so,,,

Shortly,,, one of the autopeds went to my cousin,,of course he didn't know me at the time he received that autoped,,cause I haven't born yet....
After years ahead,,,, my cousins grow up,,, and he gave me his autoped....Now,, I've got an autoped. What a autoped.

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