Sunday, September 19, 2010

Vacation To Samosir

A Journey to our ancestor

Recently, my parents and me have been travelling to Toba Lake, Samosir, North Sumatera, Indonesia. That was a great experience with a beautiful sight all over the lake. For information, Toba lake is the World famous is the crater Toba Lake in the Batak highlands; approximately five hours drive from Medan. Toba Lake is the largest lake in South East Asia and also one of the most spectacular, surrounded by tall mountains and with the large island of Samosir in the middle. If we descend from the mountain we see the lake glittering in all its beauty. The Dutch writer Rudy Kousbroek even called Toba Lake, 'the most beautiful place on earth'. Most visitors stay on the peninsula of Tuk Tuk on Samosir, named after the linguist Herman Neubronner van der Tuuk. In general people stay several days on Samosir to discover the island, to visit traditional Batak villages, to swim in the lake and go to the hot springs in Pangururan. (source : Toba Lake Tourism)

We spent a week for that journey. Even I have to celebrate my fourth birthday in Pangururan, Samosir. I was very happy, swim, travel, and looking for a new experience. Actually, everything at Samosir was a new to me.... the traditional batak houses, animals, culture and the environment, totally new experience to me. We visited our families, our ancestor grave, and many activities.

This vacation was mean to me.....

Me and Nathan ride a Becak

Me at originally batak houses

Playing while waiting for sunset


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