Friday, March 20, 2009

I Do Wanna Be A Biker

My Dad's has a bike that we used to go around. For me, it is too big to ride.. but I always wanna try to ride it..It is always fun when my Dad's and Mom's took me along with that bike.... I can feel the wind, and fresh air (of course if there is no other big vehicle in front),,, Seeing the road and the environtment along the ride will be very pleasure experience while you are at my age.

Once, we did ride in a small village in West Kalimantan. At first, it was a good travel, suddenly the weather change very quickly,,, and here came the big rain.... Wooow,,, what a troule we have... My Dad's decided that we have to step by,,,, so we went to a small store and wait for the rain over there...

Now,,, we live in a big town,,, my Dad's change his bike to a small one,,, efficience and don't take much effort to ride it he said... In fact, in my city, there are millions bike at the street.... You can image,,, seems that every people in my town has a bike,,,,,,, There will be frustating if you ride in my town, cause you will be surrounding by bike,,,,,

Hhh,,, I think automotive has a good industry in our country,,, there are many factories from several brands.... For me as a kid,,,, I just hope that my friend (age like me) won't get hurts from bump the bike which is too many in the street.... Be carefull as I do,,,,

Somedays,,, I wanna be a biker too,,, not just as usual,,, but I wanna try to race... Hmmm,,, I hope my Dad's doesn't hear my wishes......

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Anonymous said...

I hope you can succes with your wish someday...
Cool page..

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