Monday, September 8, 2008

My First Heat

One day, my Mom gave me a heat that I have to wear while we were out... Since we were travel by Dad's bike,, so they thought that I should wear something to cover my head... That is,,, the heat,, I really like it so much,,, so I wear it reversed,, to make me cool hah,,,

Look,,, I think,, I am fit with this heat,,, well,, along with my red jacket,, I thing that's good combination... maybe someday,, I have to consider be a dress consultant,, oh no,, my Dad's used to told me that I should be an army one day like my grandpa,,,and seems my Mom disagree about what my future carer since I should go along long way a head,,, still, she keen to be an artist for my carer.... He,, he,, he,, I thing both are love me, so they though their own carer for me,,, What a parents..........

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